Improve your Customer Service

Integrate your business with WhatsApp, Facebook and Email allowing your customers to contact you with their most preferred messaging app to boost your sales.

Connect your Business to our multiplatform Solution

WhatsApp is the most efficient and used communication tool in the world with more than 1.5 billion users. Facebook messenger is also a powerful tool for talking to your customers, it has more than 1.3 billion users. Email is still a powerful channel of communciation, all your potential customers own an email account and it is preferred over other chat applications by many users, although it is a very slow channel to communicate with your customers.


Upgrade now and improve your customer service


Help your customers solve their conflicts with greater agility


Use Customerce to send web notifications and other applications


Use the safest and most agile encryption protocol to chat with your customers


Access to Whatsapp, Facebook and Email with just one click

Optimize your operations

Allow your sales and support teams to respond to customers through their favorite messaging application. Send notifications, essential information your customers need and customer service thanks to Customerce:

New sales channel

Allow your customers to contact you with the most popular messaging apps.

Get more leads

Your customers can contact you easier, faster and with just one click. You will get more leads than with traditional customer services apps.

Boost your sales

Increase your conversions by solving your customer's needs faster.

Try the best customer service experience

Thanks to our Customerce platform you will be able to solve all your potential and current customers needs faster than with any other channel on the market.

Improve conversions

Customers do not want to waste time searching for your email or introducing their data on live chats. Your customers will now be able to chat with you with just one click.


Send custom notifications in your website to your customers so they can start a conversation with you and obtain their leads.

Faster Customer Service

Allow customers to initiate in-depth conversations so that your support agents can improve problem resolution and shorten conflict resolution time.





* Price will depend on the customer's personalization.


Customers want to connect with businesses in the same way they talk to their friends and family, with quick, simple and practical messages. Our Multiplatform solution for businesses allows companies to support, alert and notify their customers through WhatsApp, Facebook or Email. In summary, our platform allows companies and customers to connect quickly, easily and reliably with a global platform they know and trust.
Just install our application for Shopify and set your phone number and pre-filled message, your Facebook account and your email to set up your account. At this moment you can install our application for Shopify stores. If you want to use our application for any other website platform contact with us.
The country code will depend on the origin country of your mobile phone's plan. You should just write your country code WITHOUT ZEROS with your mobile phone number. Here you can find a list of some country codes:
-USA: 1
-Canada: 1
-UK: 44
-France: 33
-Australia: 61
-Spain: 34
-Germany: 49
-Italy: 39
This is the pre-filled message it would appear on your customer's phone while initiating the chat with you.
The app will work using desktops, however for Whatsapp the customer should use Whatsapp web.
The app will automatically sent you the website that your customer is looking for.